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Stem Cell


Stem Cell

Technology in the world of health has greatly advanced causing numerous healing methods based on high technology to emerge. One method of healing that has gain a lot of interest is stem cell transplantation.

World’ Largest Stem Cell Facility

The bio-technology industry in Pahang is taken to new heights when a US-based company – Bio Cellular Research Organisation (BCRO) sets up its operations in the state. The company is set to build the world’s largest stem cell manufacturing facility in Bukit Rengit, Lanchang, Temerloh. The project is part of the Eastern Region Economic Corridor (ECER) initiatives and is fully supported by the Pahang State Government under Pahang Bioscience Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Pahang Technology Resources (PTR) Sdn Bhd, as the strategic partner. The construction of the plant will take about three years and is expected to complete in 2011.

With the establishment of the stem cell facility in Malaysia, the cost of stem cell treatments is expected to become more affordable to Malaysians and its surrounding region.

Immense Opportunities

Under this project, Pahang Technology Resources will lease 81 hectares of land to BCRO, with 12 hectares to be used to breed rabbits, from which stem cells will be extracted and cultured. The stem cells would be worked upon to treat various human diseases.

The BCRO’s present manufacturing plant is located in Slovakia but Bukit Rengit will become its main manufacturing plant. Once it is fully operational, it is expected to generate approximately RM1 billion a year and provide job opportunities to knowledge workers.

Halal Hub of Stem Cells

In addition, Pahang Bioscience and International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) are working on a clinical research initiative on “Fetal Precursor Stem Cell”. The project is known as Biocellular Research Organisation (BCRO) Stem Cells Transplantation Malaysia will be the hub for the manufacture of foetal precursor stem cells of animal origin. The stem cell produced originated from halal sources, thus this will create a large market in the Islamic world.

Stem Cell in Medical Treatment

Medical researchers anticipate stem cells to treat cancer, Type 1 diabetes, spinal cord injuries, muscle damage, untreatable chromosomal conditions, metabolic disorders and premature menopause, among others.

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