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Asturi Metal Builders (M) Sdn Bhd

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Asturi Metal Builders (M) Sdn Bhd

Asturi Metal Builders (M) Sdn Bhd (Asturi Metal Builders) operates from its plant at the Gebeng Industrial Estate specialising in fabrication for process equipment in oil and gas, petrochemical and energy industry. The company has won many awards and recognitions from the industry including Industry Excellence Award 2008 for Quality Management Award category (MITI), the Best Vendor in Continuous Improvement 2008 by Petronas, the National Quality Environment (5S) Award 2008 by MPC and the Chief Minister Quality Award 2007 by Pahang State Government, to name a few.

The plant provides over 300 employment opportunities for the locals. From a single building in 1996, it has now expanded into 14 buildings with a total paid capital of RM20 million as of today. The plant practices integrated quality system which enables it to stand at par with other international plants in Gebeng and elsewhere. Its income from Gebeng Industrial Estate alone generates approximately RM10 million a year.

Why Pahang?

“Firstly, I was born in Pahang,” said Dato’ Sri Sharif Shamsuddin Managing Director of Asturi Metal Builders with a smile. “Secondly, Pahang offers very competitive pricing in terms of infrastructure costs – mainly in terms of land acquisition, water supply, building constructions and manpower which are still very cost effective compared to other places.

In addition, Pahang already has everything that a manufacturer could ask for – good communication system, reliable highways, airport and deep-sea port that can cater to any manufacturers’ needs. Furthermore, the networking of the industry available here has improved tremendously and acts as the main contributing factor that binds the industry together.

Lastly, with the support from local authorities for local manufacturers like ourselves, land purchase consensus and approvals are done in a very short period of time.

How did your company start operation in Gebeng?

We started way back in 1996 with only 14 workers. And since we are involved in the oil and gas industry, and since the Pahang Government has made Gebeng the hub for oil and gas industry, we saw the opportunity to provide services to these big plants as a supporting vendor. Since then, we have been manufacturing products such as Pressure and Non-Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, and Process Skids.

How has PKNP assisted Asturi Metal Builders?

PKNP has helped us in what I would describe as three dimensions. Dimension 1 – during the early time of Gebeng, PKNP focused more on the big players, international manufacturers to occupy the industry park. With the establishment of the international manufacturers here, it has opened up opportunities for the local manufacturers to come onboard as the supporting industry. Thus in Dimension 2 – the opening up of the park for local players – has made it possible for us to become a part of the industry right here in Gebeng.

In Dimension 3, this is what I would call the ‘shift of dimension’ whereby PKNP started focusing on all sizes – big, medium, and small-sized manufacturers.

PKNP has made it possible for the medium and small manufacturers to purchase land to start their businesses on, and this opportunity is not available anywhere else. The shift of the dimensions has also made it possible for PKNP to preserve the value of the land in Gebeng – value of land is not put under speculations – thus ensuring that the value of land remains at a controlled rate all the time. This has helped the medium and small manufacturers to start their businesses here.

How has the investment in Gebeng help Asturi Metal Builders to become more successful?

Since our establishment in 1996, with paid up capital of RM1 million, we have managed to increase the value to RM20 million today. From just one building, we have added more buildings – 14 new ones in total. In terms of manpower, we started with just 14 workers to now more than 300 workers.

In terms of our product development, we have advanced from small and ordinary products to bigger and more value-added products. We are now servicing local and international clients such as Shell, Esso, Lurgy, Foster Wheeler, to name a few. And because of the change of client dimension – from local to international – we have tremendously improved the quality of our products by adopting the integrated quality system to satisfy the requirements of the international standards, which in the long run, has benefited both us and the clients a lot.

This was how our investment in Gebeng has helped transformed our business to become successful.

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