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Work Visit to PKNP’s Industrial Area

PKNP act as a 一站式服务机构 for Manufacturing Sector in Pahang is very pleased to coordinate a working visit for YB. Dato’ Mohamad Nizar bin Dato’ Sri Mohammad Najib  Exco of Investment, Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation of Pahang.

This work visit has indirectly given space to the investors to interact exclusively with YB. Dato’ Mohamad Nizar in sharing the achievements and challenges faced by manufacturers in the industry they are involved in.

YB. Dato’ Mohamad Nizar and the guests also had the opportunity to see for themselves the operations carried out at the ND Paper (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., in Bentong IIB Industrial Area, Passcorp Paper Industries Berhad Factory in Bentong I Industrial Area, as well as Ketech Asia Sdn. Bhd. in Padang Tengku Industrial Area, Lipis.

Also present accompanying this work visit are Mr. Mohd Razif bin Abdul Malek as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of PKNP (Development), Dato’ Mohammad Shahid bin Ismail as Bentong District Officer, Dato’ Rose Samsul bin Abdul Razak as Chairman of Bentong Municipal Council, as well as the officers involved from the Agency and the Local Authority of the State of Pahang.

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