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About PKNP

Pahang State Development Corporation (PKNP)

Incorporated on December 27, 1965 through LKNP Enactment Bil. 12/65, with its main responsibilities to increase, to inspire, and to provide facilities as well as to conduct economic and social development works especially in the sub-urban areas.

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OSA Team

One-Stop-Agency Management

The One-Stop-Agency’s management team consists of the key personnel from the Industrial Division of PKNP. The OSA Management Team consists of very experienced key personnel to ensure smooth operations of the division.

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Agencies & Companies

Our Directory

Our directories contains the listing of government agencies and private companies in Pahang which can be useful to you as a source of reference.

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Our user-friendly online forms available now for access. Reach us by sending your thoughts, ideas, or any suggestions you have.

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