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Roads and Highways


Roads and Highways

East Coast Highway

The newly-built East Coast Highway that stretches for 169km long from Kuala Lumpur to Pahang makes it convenient for promoting economic activities in major districts in Pahang. The RM4 billion expressway connects Kuantan Port to the national grid and also links to the 1,000km North South Expressway on the West Coast. Travelling time from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan is only 3 hours via the expressway.

The East Coast Expressway is a catalyst to spur and accelerate growth of the three East Coast states (Pahang, Kelantan and Trengganu) towards fulfilling the objective of the nation to balance the economic growth among all regions in the country and complements the planned development corridor under the East Coast Economic Region (ECER).

Gambang-Kuantan Highway

The Gambang-Kuantan Highway, also known as Jalan Gambang and Jalan Tanah Putih, is the major highway in Kuantan. The 32km highway connects Gambang to Kuantan providing good access to various towns along the route.

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