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Competitive Employees Wages

Human Capital

Competitive Employees Wages

Malaysia, being a multi-racial country, is home to multi-lingual, educated and skilled workforce. With the Government’s efforts to increase its people’s access to higher education with the opening of more private institutions of higher learning, besides the public colleges and universities, since the 1990s, the number of students in the ratio of 17-23 years of age graduating with tertiary education has increased to almost 40%.

Some foreign universities and colleges have also set up branch campuses in Malaysia such as the Monash University of Australia and the University of Nottingham of United Kingdom thus producing well-rounded and skilled local workforce but with competitive salary demands.

Salary Range of Executives in the Manufacturing Sector

In manufacturing sector, the average basic monthly salary of the executives range from RM2,949 (Executives) to RM10,251 (Senior Managers) to RM20,752 (Top Executives).

Salary Range of Non-Executives in the Manufacturing Sector

An analysis of the salaries of non-executives in the manufacturing sector shows that the average basic monthly salary range from RM1,500 (for unskilled workers) to RM2,000 (for semi-skilled workers) to RM2,500 (for skilled workers or craftsmen).

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