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Rompin Industrial Estate

Industrial Areas

Rompin Industrial Estate

Rompin is situated on the North-South corridor and is strategically linked to the town of Muadzam Shah, Bandar Tun Abdul Razak. This industrial estate focuses on a variety of industries such as resource-based industries, general servicing and workshops, food processing and other small and medium industries (SMIs).

Rompin Industrial Estate Fast Facts
Distance from Nearest Town 5km from Rompin town, 160km from Kuantan town
Total Planned Area (hectares) 103.64
Total Land  Developed (hectares) 57.3
Total Land Available (hectares) 49.2
Selling Price (RM psf) RM6.00 (Negotiable)
Quit Rent per Annum (RM) RM15 for every 100 square metre portion of it for the first 2 hectares and RM10 for every 100 square metre or portion of it subject to a minimal taxation of RM150 per ownership
Annual Assessment 7% of the property / land value
Lease Period 99 years
Type of Preferred Industry Swiftlet Industry

More Information:
Rompin Industrial Estate Plan (PDF: 124kb)

Go to: Padang Tengku Industrial Estate (Phase 1)

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Map: Industrial Estate Map

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