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Biotechnology is a fast-booming field that is foreseen to play an important role in the state’s future economy. Pahang is a potential biotechnology centre with an abundance of natural resources. It offers excellent opportunities for studying and cataloguing the various types of flora and fauna indigenous to its forests.

Growing Industry

Globally, the biotechnology industry is worth RM204billion (US$60 billion). Pahang is well in its way to become the leader in biotechnology in the country with the development that involves the construction of buildings and biotechnology laboratories, buying equipment and providing basic infrastructure.

The state Government has identified the focus of its biotechnology industry that include agro-biotechnology, healthcare biotechnology, industrial biotechnology and herbal industry.

Ready Workforce

In order to provide skilled workers on this growing industry, the Pahang state Government has started its efforts to supply the workforce with relevant skills and knowledge for the biotechnology industry. The Pahang Skills Development Centre (PSDC), for example, offers intensive programmes for graduates to pursue their career in the biotechnology industry.

Combining classroom-based instruction, laboratory work and industry internship, the graduates of PSDC are equipped with the essential skills and knowledge for entry-level positions in biotechnology or biotechnology-related companies.

Government Support

Pahang is ready to roll out its biodiversity and biotechnology action plan in order to facilitate access to scientific and technical personnel in aspects of research and development. As such, the state Government has collaborated with the University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) to work on action plans in order for the state to excel in the biotechnology industry.

As for Malaysia, the Government has set up the National Biotechnology Policy that set the objective of creating 280,000 jobs, establishing 100 biotechnology companies and generating RM270bil in revenue by 2020. The establishment of Biotech Corporation is in line with the government efforts to develop a more vibrant and productive agro-based industry through biotechnology targeting in three focus areas:

    • Crops/ Seed,
    • Livestocks and
    • Natural Products

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