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Invest In Pahang

Starting Business in Pahang

Invest In Pahang

Pahang, through the Pahang State Development Corporation (PKNP), is poised to become the leading agency to promote business and investment activities through continued efforts and programmes in order to attract new investments and investors to the state. Its aims are to attract new investments and investors to new growth areas in the state especially in the industrial and manufacturing sector.

Development Objectives

    • To promote Pahang as a major attraction for investment in Malaysia.
    • To widen Pahang’s industrial base, and diversification of the industrial activities.
    • To support the creation of BCIC (Bumiputra Commercial & Industrial Community).
    • To increase contribution of the manufacturing sector to the State GDP.


    • Broadening the industrial base by encouraging the growth of major industries and providing support facilities to complement the comparative advantages;
    • Developing industrial estates under the National Development Corridor emphasising on Cluster Development Approach;
    • Upgrading infrastructural services to support growth of industries; and intensifying investment promotion and directing it towards target groups of the major industries and stepping up regional cooperation.


    • Promoting its Industrial Areas and Industry Opportunities.
    • Creating excellent investment climate for local and foreign investment.
    • Encouraging small and medium business activities

Comparative Advantages

    • Availability of Industrial Land.
    • Competitive Labour Costs and Trained Human Capital.
    • Excellent infrastructure.
    • Various Government Incentives.
    • Experienced and Professional Support.

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