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Halal Food


Halal Food

In line with the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) plan, Pahang is well positioned to become an international halal food hub in the branding, processing and marketing of halal food with the development of the Pahang Halal Park at the Pahang Technology Park, Gambang, Kuantan.

Immense Halal Food Opportunities

The halal food industry has immense opportunities with Malaysia alone as a ready domestic market for halal food with its majority of Muslim population. With the world Muslim population of about 2 billion now, the global market for halal food is estimated at US$547 billion a year.

Abundance Supply of Resources

Being the third largest state in Malaysia, Pahang is blessed with rich forestry with an abundance of natural resources ideal for research, development and processing of halal food. Its climate of long growing season ensures the steady supply of agriculture produce. Pahang’s long coastline and numerous rivers and lakes contribute to the fishery sector with products of marine catchments and aquaculture.

Strong Government Support

The Government has taken concrete measures to improve and increase agricultural production and adopting a liberal policy to allow the duty-free importation of raw materials to enable the food industry to meet specific market demand.

In addition, the halal food industry is supported by Government agencies such as the Halal Industry Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (HDC) which certifies halal food products. In order to ensure quality of food products, the Government through SIRIM Berhad has introduced MS1500:2004, a halal food certification which incorporated the GMP and hygienic sanitary requirements.

Qualified Workforce in Food Technology

In view of the high potential of halal food industry, the Government continues to upgrade and expand its workforce through training programmes at public and private training institutions. Food processing courses and trainings are widely offered to produce qualified food science and technology graduates to meet the requirements of the industry. Relevant Government agencies conduct courses on farm management and production technology as well as food processing technology such as:

    • The Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI).
    • Department of Fisheries.
    • Department of Veterinary Services.
    • FAMA.

Pahang as the Halal Food Hub

With Pahang set to become an international halal food hub, the facilities have already been set in place with the development of Pahang Halal Food Complex at Pahang Halal Park, Gambang Industrial Estate, Kuantan. The food park is well-equipped as a one-stop centre with full-fledge infrastructure such as administration offices, factories, laboratories and cold storages. Apart from establishing a centre for the production of quality, clean and safe halal food products, the state Government aspires to make the food park as a hub for the production of halal certified meat-based products for the world market.

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