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Water Supply


Water Supply

In order to support the social and economic development needs the Pahang Water Management Berhad or Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad (PAIP) is the water supply services provider to supply quality potable water to customers in the state. The department is also responsible for the planning, development, management of water supply as well as billing and collection of payment.

In Pahang, water supply comes mainly from rivers and streams. There are about 79 water treatment plants located in various districts in Pahang ie in Bentong, Bera, Cameron Highlands, Kuantan, Rompin, Raub, Jerantut, Lipis and Maran. Investors in Pahang can be rest assured that each industrial area in Pahang will receive continuous water supply.

Water Supply Capacity at Industrial Areas:

Gebeng Industrial Estate Semambu 145.47
Bentong Industrial Estate Bentong 45.46
Rompin Industrial Estate Sepayang 36.36
Kechau Tui Industrial Estate Air Bukit Betong 4.55
The reservoir storage capacity of the Chereh Dam at Sungai Lembing can store up to 265 million metre3 of water.

1 cubic metre = 219.969 248 299 gallon [UK].

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