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Introductory Session With Indonesian Investors 1

Introductory Session With Indonesian Investors And A Discussion For Project Proposals In Tanjung Agas, Pekan, Pahang Industrial Area

PKNP has received an introduction session with investors from PT. Usman Karaeng Sila Investasi, Indonesia (PT. UKSI) today. The main agenda for this is to see the potentials and cooperation that can be implemented by PKNP and also PT. UKSI.

Together with this discussion are the representatives from TGA Solution Sdn. Bhd. (TGAS) as a developer in Tanjung Agas Industrial Area, Pekan, Pahang.

This session was led by Dato’ Mohd Faizal bin Jaafar Chief Executive Officer of PKNP, followed by Tuan Hj Md Daud bin Abdul Rahman PKNP Industrial Manager, Tuan Hj Mohamad Hasrizal bin Hasim PKNP Technical Manager, representatives from TGAS, as well as representatives from PT . UKSI through a  Zoom Meeting virtual call.

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