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Image Annual Malaysia - Japan Meeting

Malaysia – Japan Economic Association (Majeca) 46th Annual General Meeting

Malaysia – Japan Economic Association (MAJECA) is an association that connects two (2) countries namely Malaysia and Japan where the main focus is to create a dynamic economic relationship together.

PKNP’s membership in this association has provided various inputs in creating links between potential investors to be brought into the State of Pahang.

The total membership in this association involved 62 business entities that include government and private sector involvement. The majority of the membership is from the Manufacturing sector (7.3%), Real Estate (6.4%), Technology (5.5%), and Consultancy (5.5%).

The 46th Annual General Meeting was held at the Ambank Group Building, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, with physically meeting and virtual meeting chaired by Tan Sri Azman bin Hashim. Representative from PKNP is Puan Nur Afiqah binti Haballah from Industrial Division.

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